Personally involved
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Who is KOAS?

Renee Kunnen

As a tax consultant I study accountancy and tax-related subjects. With the acquired knowledge I can support and advise you with regard to statutory regulation, for both private and business purposes.

Hans Veen

In recent years, I have been involved as an administrator and controller in keeping administrations and drawing up (annual) reports. With this knowledge I can help gain more insight into your company.


KOAS is an allround administration office that focuses on freelancers and small companies. On entrepreneurs who see opportunities, move fast and are not afraid to do business. People who master their profession or field so well, that it is always on their mind. Whether it concerns a more traditional profession such as real estate broker or a niche market profession such as barista: KOAS loves to work with you.

For a company that moves along with the market, financial insight is essential. Therefore KOAS strives to stay in touch with you at least once every three months. If necessary, the accounting can also be updated monthly or even more often to gain insight. This way we gather financial know-how about your company, while you have more time to do business!

True entrepreneurs do what they do best and are able to let go of the things they are not particularly good at. More often than not, this actually helps them acquire even more! 

Our service

As an entrepreneur you see chances everywhere. Every encounter can spark your inspiration to take action and develop new plans and concepts. Working on new ideas takes time and energy, but even more so: starting a business costs money. With that in mind, lots of entrepreneurs choose to do all the accounting themself. That way they safe money they don’t have to spend on hiring an accountant: a fine solution.

Once your company grows, you’ll start to notice you don’t want to spend time on accounting. It’s no big deal to be sending out invoices, but all other administrative tasks are piling up. Every VAT return that needs to be filed has the potential to overshadow your joy of doing business. It’s time to hire an accountant!

KOAS offers administrative options for every entrepreneur. Contact us to discover what we can do for your business. KOAS: The helpful solution for every business.


Besides a lot of experience in business accounting, KOAS has also worked alongside charity organisations. Writing solid reports, creating financial transparency and being trustworthy isvery important for charity organisations.

While you are working for a good cause, it is easy to let administrative tasks pile up. After all, you didn’t start your charity to spend your time on accounting!

KOAS can be of service to you, by handling all kinds of practical matters such as collecting SEPA credit transfers and (protocols for) payments. Let us handle your bookkeeping and help you to spend your valuable time working on things that truly matter for your organisation. Let’s talk to see how we can help.

Private administration

Everyone who earns an income in The Netherlands is obliged to fill out an annual tax declaration. And most people aren’t exactly looking forward to that time of the year. Luckily, we can help you with that! While working on your business administration, we can easily file your annual tax declaration as well. No trouble at all.

When it comes to your private administration, you might need some help as well. KOAS loves to walk you through the process of filing your tax declaration and to give helpful tips and advice along the way.

Do you dread the yearly tax deadline? Or do you no longer oversee the changes, because, for example, you bought or sold a house? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Help with filing your VAT return
149 per quarter
  • No tax-stress
  • Business insights
  • Avoid fines!


Help with year-end closing
249 per year
  • Control your own admin
  • Drawing annual report
  • All info for annual declaration

Private declaration

Help with turnover tax declaration
125 per aangifte
  • Price on request
  • Free tips and advice
  • No tax-stress

Full support

Let us take over
67 per hour
  • We do your bookkeeping
  • Administration as a tool
  • Time to do business!

Renee Kunnen

Hans Veen